About Us

We operate with 600,000 sqm capacity on the fertile soils of Düzce plains in three regions and at seven different locations.

Our Mission

We are driven by the mission to ensure top-tier production and to pioneer the industry. In doing so, we bear in mind that every project we assume is delivered to make a difference while guaranteeing customer satisfaction in our generous country in terms of climate, soil quality and ecological diversities, where four seasons can be experienced.

Our Vision

We are inspired by the vision to become a brand that can foresee the potential and needs of its periphery, that keeps itself up-to-date with the latest developments, and that remains one of the globally-known brands.

Our Plant Nursery

Eduka Botanik launched its production operations on the fertile soils of Düzce plains at an area of 50,000 sqm in 2012 autumn.

It has delivered top-notch production based on global standards utilizing cutting-edge technological means, which is one of our objectives from the beginning. Consequently, it reached 600,000 sqm production capacity with its 25,000 sqm pot area and 10,000 sqm greenhouse area in three regions at seven different locations. Thus, it became one of leading brands of the industry.

Eduka Botanik, which is one of Eduka Group companies, was placed as one of the most prominent brands in the industry just like other group companies. In line with its second objective, it started to offer the most popular and trendiest plants that are demanded, known and loved by the market, with flowerpots and root balls to the market as of 2019.